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Metric, 3m Mini Jet Boat Plans

Metric, 3m Mini Jet Boat Plans

SKU: Minijet3m

Mini Jet Boat Plans


This plan set includes PDF prints with bend dimensions and angles. Also included are DXF files for CNC cutting of the parts. Compatible with CNC laser/plasma, CNC router and or CNC waterjet cutting.



  • Length: 3m
  • Width at chine: 1168mm
  • Width: 1524mm
  • Side height: 610mm
  • Deadrise: 13.5 degrees
  • Bottom of Hull: 6.35mm thick Aluminum
  • Hull: 3.2mm thick Aluminum
  • 2 or 4 person design
  • Rated for 200hp+
  • Rear swim deck
  • Two different Windshields to choose from
  • Engine Bay Cover with or without Bucket Seats


This is an advanced project and not for beginners. Must know how to weld and fabricate with aluminum.

This plan set does have a tab and slot design to help align the transom to the bottom. Also has tab and slot design to help align sides to transom.


All dimensions are in Millimeters


You will roughly need the following to build a 3m mini jet boat. Sheets my varry on size depending on cutting tables and nesting of parts.  These qtys will get you in the ball